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Manufacturing Day is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing during which manufacturers invite their communities — including students, educators, businesspeople, media, and politicians — to their facilities in a collective effort to educate visitors about manufacturing career opportunities and improve public perceptions of manufacturing.

上海沪工焊接集团股份有限公司【官网】-电焊机 ...-切割设备
上海沪工焊接集团股份有限公司是电焊机、切割机行业的品牌企业,上市公司。主营业务涵盖电焊机等通用/工业焊接设备及数控/激光切割设备等。公司在焊接 ...

天津普友机电设备股份有限公司成立于1997年2月,是开发、制造潜没电动机、潜没泵和配套控制设备的专业公司。产品覆盖海洋石油、航道疏浚、海底工程、环保 ...

Cascade Waterworks Mfg.
12/5/2017 Seeking Sales Representatives Cascade Waterworks Mfg. is actively seeking Sales Representatives for all territories in the U.S. and Mexico.

搅拌机,分散机,砂磨机,混练机,混合机,三辊研磨机的 ...
株式会社 井上制作所〟59-1147 神奈川县伊势原市白根58番地〠gy-463)95-1201〟a href="">