Chntainer bag-in-box for Liquid fertilizers Packaging

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The Chinese patented* bag in box Chntainer is an innovative, flexible package that flattens the competition.
It is a gusseted, form-fit multi-ply bag.
The Chntainer bag in box is a smart alternative to traditional packaging.
You get the best of both worlds, flexibility of a bag-in-box with the benefits of a rigid container.
Typical Chntainer Markets
Chemical (adhesives, agricultural, automotive lubricants, automotive oils, chemicals, coatings, detergents, inks, paints)
Cosmetic (cleansers, conditioner, cream, liquid makeup, lotion, shampoo, tanning spray)
Food & Beverage (flavorings, purees, sauces, vinegar, beverage base, coffee, dairy, juice, lemonade, tea, water)
The Chnntainer bag in box is a replacement for many rigid packages, including cube-shaped inserts, cans and plastic pails.
Chntainers are suitable for use with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic fill lines.
The Chntainer is virtually a flat bag, minimizing shipping and warehouse space requirements.
The Chntainer bag in box uses significantly less plastic and on average, costs notably less than a similar capacity rigid container, including plastic pails, bottle and cube-shaped containers.
The flexible, cube shape minimizes dead space, allowing more product per pallet.
Lack of internal folds means improved, more-accurate filling and more than 99.9% dispensing of nearly any product without surging or glugging.
The Chntainer offers excellent quality due to its superior seam strength.
Bag in box Chntainers fill without air, therefore no foaming or splashing.
The fitment is always in the correct position in the box.
The Chntainer bag in box is UN rated and certified for air transport.
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bag in box Cheertainer 5L (1.25 gal),10L (2.5 gal) and 20L (5 gal), 22L(5.5 gal), 25L(6.25 gal).

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