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Shampoo there are so powerful features you are not also shocked to the clean industry
Shampoo There are so powerful features you are not being shocked to clean. July 22, 2015 17:58 T | T home expired shampoo, usually throw away, but shampoo is not just Able to clean the hair, it has many other magical use. So, home with endless shampoo must not throw. For example, use it to clean the plush toy, relative to the laundry liquid to save, more than the detergent easy to rinse clean, do not hurt plush toys and baby. In addition, the shampoo can turn the lubricant, shower gel, shaving cream, strong cleaning agent ... ... 1, if the zipper suddenly stuck, and drop a drop of shampoo to the stuck position and then pull, it is easy The. 2, if the shoes have worn place, only in the place where the wear shampoo, wipe, and then polished, you can bright as new. If you have salted, you can also use shampoo. 3, clothing on a variety of stains, you can also pour a few drops of shampoo rub a few times, soak a bubble, after all the steps as usual. 4, the body can not pull down the tape, drop a few drops of shampoo to the tape, so it goes down, and then gently pull, a little bit of pain, tape to tear off. 5, if the shower suddenly ran out, you can use shampoo instead. 6, if there is no shaving cream, you can also use shampoo, add some water,Bothwin, Plush Toy Manufacturers, Stuffed Animals Manufacturers, Stuffed Toys Suppliers, Custom Plush Toys Company

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