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Address6992 El Camino Real Suite 104
Contact PersonAaron LoBell

Training for Martial Arts. Team Mai offers martial arts classes for any level or age. We offer beginning karate training for children and adults. We teach confidence, respect and discipline. Our goal is not only to help students improve their skills through karate training, but also to help them excel in all areas of life.

Each of our Carlsbad martial arts classes are instructed by an experienced MAI Sensei with a black belt. Karate classes are structured by age and belt level and a typical class will include a warm-up, kicking drills, self defense techniques, kata (forms) and sparring.

The spacious Dojo encompasses more than 3,000 square feet and there’s plenty of training space as well as seating for spectators to watch as their children practice their new skills in their karate gi. Our Carlsbad karate school is ideal for anyone looking for Carlsbad martial arts training, an Encinitas karate school or a San Marcos karate school.

While you will learn quickly, it takes time, work and dedication to earn each belt. Remember, the pursuit of martial arts is not a race, it’s a journey.

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